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Art in the workplace promotes innovation and creativity. Sponsoring an art show or providing complimentary museum passes for your employees and their families will help to boost your business and build brand awareness both locally and nationally.

Investing in art might be useful for businesses in the long term. In 2017, companies and organisations in North America spent approximately $993 million on arts sponsorship; these figures are set to rise in the next few years. Investing in art provides significant benefits for businesses and the community. So, why is art good for business?

A study carried out by the Conference Board and Americans for the Arts revealed that 54% of corporate leaders stated that art enhances quality of life in communities. According to the Business Committee for the Arts Inc., 84 % of respondents said that art in the workplace improves the working environment and enhances the lives of employees both in and out of the workplace.

Art drives productivity; art in the workplace can reduce stress, boost the mood and increase productivity. The impact of art in the workplace was highlighted in a survey carried out by the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors. The investigation revealed that art in the workplace helps businesses by reducing employee stress, increasing creativity and productivity, and encouraging self-expression within the workplace.

When businesses invest in the arts and engage with the art community, it serves as a useful marketing tool to elevate the brand and boost brand awareness locally, nationally and internationally. Not only will engaging consciously with arts and culture enhance brand awareness, it will also improve investor and stakeholder relationships.

Creativity is essential, according to the Conference Board’s ‘CEO Challenge 2017’ survey. The study revealed that 72% of bosses seeking new employees believe that creativity is one of the key skills to look for when hiring. Being in an art-filled working environment or regularly encountering art enhances creativity and encourages critical thinking.

Studies have shown that when firms purchase art and provide their employees with the chance to experience art in the workplace, it encourages creativity and innovation.

More and more companies are investing in and engaging with the arts. Philanthropist and businesswoman Joey Horn is an avid art lover and collector, with a keen interest in Indian, Chinese and Norwegian contemporary art. Art is good for business; not only does it boost employee creativity and critical thinking, it also improves communities and enhances brand awareness. Art plays an essential role in business growth, reputation and sustenance in our contemporary society.