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The fixed income securities market has continued to become global, increasing the need for comprehensive management services. Credit Suisse Asset Management is among the global fixed income companies that provide customised services to their clients. Some of these include the active management of currency, credit exposure and interest rate. The firm has devoted significant resources to growing its fixed income capabilities on a global scale, ensuring that clients can use strategies that include investment and noninvestment-grade ratings and market debt from developed and emerging markets.

Over the years, Credit Suisse Asset Management has devolved its fixed income and equities capabilities to its main subsidiaries: Aventicum Capital Management, Credit Investments Group, Securitized Products and York Capital Management. Through each of these, clients gain the insight and strategy needed to see optimal results in their investments.

Joey Horn, a former Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions at Credit Suisse in New York, worked on various buy- and sell-side transactions, with her responsibilities including determining valuations and performing financial due diligence.

Aventicum Capital Management

Aventicum Capital Management, through which the fixed-income management entity Aventicum Emerging Markets Credit operates, is a joint venture between Qatar Investment Authority (through Qatar Holding) and Credit Suisse that seeks to provide a boutique approach to investments in emerging-markets credit. The two organisations have come together to provide capital support, institutional strength and governance in a venture that adopts a research-driven approach to investment.

At the core of its operations, the team at Aventicum Emerging Markets Credit focuses on a bottom-up analysis of opportunities to find attractive, long-term investments in emerging markets across the globe.

On the equities side, Aventicum Capital Management runs Aventicum Alternative Equities which focuses on stock picking using European long/short equity strategy. The team has come up with an investment policy that looks for opportunities with contained exposure to the underlying equity markets and with low volatility.

For the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Aventicum Capital Management has setup Aventicum MENA & Frontier Markets to manage a long-term, low turnover strategy and a long-short strategy that also incorporates Turkey and a few select frontier markets. Both strategies are focused on creating value in the long-term, follow a bottom-up approach, and seek to use clear investment criteria in taking advantage of opportunities.

Credit Investments Group (CIG)

CIG is a full-service group of credit professionals who have the network and experience to meet a variety of clients’ fixed income needs, from alpha generation to capital preservation. CIG is regarded as one of the biggest non-investment-grade credit managers in Western Europe and the United States.

The strategies employed by Cig include senior secured loans and collateralised loan obligations (CLOs). The former is a core competency of the firm, with members of the senior investment team having managed portfolios for close to two decades. This experience allows them to provide capabilities that focus on preservation of capital in giving clients a number of diverse investment options.

To complement its history and knowledge of secured loans, CIG has directed its efforts into CLOs, becoming the largest US manager of this option by investing in structured credit bonds with a particular emphasis on third-party managed CLOs.

Securitized Products

A Securitized Products team has been set up to identify trading opportunities in the securitised investments markets, with a strong leaning towards residential mortgage-backed securities. The team adopts an opportunistic investment philosophy that aims to adjust expectations based on realised performance.

York Capital Management

York Capital Management (York) was established in 1991 with a focus on event-driven investing that employs three strategies – distressed credit, risk arbitrage and special situations – to deliver attractive returns.