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Joey Horn has enjoyed and continues to enjoy her long successful career specialising in business administration. She also takes a great interest in education and contributes to many philanthropic causes.

As you’re reading through the blog and learning more about Joey, you may find yourself asking some of the following questions that we’ve answered for your convenience here:

What is Yale University known for?

Yale University is a private university located in Connecticut. It is known for its prestige as a research university and for forming part of the Ivy League. Joey Horn received her MBA from the School of Management at Yale University in 1991. The school is one of the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. Yale is known for being a very selective school and is ranked third among American universities.

What is Williams College known for?

Williams College is a prestigious liberal arts college located in Massachusetts. It has been highly ranked in recent years among American liberal arts colleges, reaching first place on some lists. The college offers courses in humanities, sciences and social sciences. Students typically attend for a period of four years. Joey Horn graduated from Williams College in1987 with a BA degree in biology.

What does a trustee at a college or university do?

Joey Horn has served as a trustee on the Williams College Board of Trustees as well as at the American University of Paris. You may be wondering: what does this job entail? A board of trustees serves many purposes in an institution of higher learning. Much like the board of any company, one of the important roles they play is to oversee the president. In addition, the board of trustees helps by overseeing the budget, approving policies, making plans, determining what degrees the school will offer, and help protect and define the institution’s reputation and mission. The board of trustees must also respond to the student body’s demands and the school’s changing needs. Fundraising is another area trustees must become familiar with in order to fund the needs of the institution.

What sorts of philanthropy is Joey Horn involved in?

Joey Horn is passionate about being involved in philanthropy work. She works with and supports a number of different causes and organisations including: Williams College, Right to Play, Harvard Business School, Harvard Art Fellows, Choate Rosemary Hall, Oslo International School and Mothers2Mothers. You can see through the organisations mentioned that her interests lie in education and children.

What is business administration?

Business administration is essentially business management. Through business administration, all aspects of a business’s operations are overseen and supervised. Business administration is also an area of study. Joey Horn earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Yale. This degree is more specific than the bachelor’s degree and focuses on the management aspects of accounting, marketing, human resources, finance and operations.

What is the difference between an independent director and a regular director?

Corporate board members can be independent directors or simply directors. The difference between the two is that independent directors, sometimes called “outside” directors, are not employees of the company and may not have shares or other material or monetary ties to the company. Although independent directors can be paid for their work, there are caps on the salaries they can receive. Corporate boards must have a majority of independent board members to help keep conflicts of interest at a minimum. Joey Horn has served as an independent director on several corporate boards.

What is a corporate board? Which companies have them?

A corporate board of directors is a group of people who are elected to represent the stockholders of a company. All public companies must have a board. The board helps with management of the company, makes major decisions, oversees executives and sets goals, among other tasks.