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British athlete Jazmin Sawyers has become a Right to Play ambassador. The European and Commons silver medallist will work with the charity to help children from some of the poorest countries in the world. As an Athlete Ambassador, Sawyers will work with vulnerable children to improve their lives through sport and play.

Right to Play aims to protect, educate and empower children through the power of play. Giving girls a voice is one of the charity’s core objectives. In Mali Right to Play schools, 96% of teachers are committed to ensuring girls’ voices and opinions are heard. 59% of the girls on a Tanzania programme now believe they can say no to unwanted sex, an increase of over 40% after 18 months on the programme. Keeping boys safe is also an important consideration; the issue of peer violence is challenged.

Improving education performance is an essential focal point. Pupils on Right to Play programmes attain 10% higher on standardised tests. Preventing HIV infection is also taught in Right to Play schools; this educates children on how to prevent transmission of the disease. Other key aims are to build peaceful communities by working on peacekeeping and conflict resolution.

As an Athlete Ambassador, Jazmin Sawyers will be leading the Girls On Track campaign for Right to Play. In partnership with British Athletics, the campaign will focus on raising vital funds so that girls can access the education they deserve. Of the 2 million children that Right to Play has helped across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, 47% are girls. The Girls On Track campaign hopes to raise further awareness about educating girls in the poorest countries.

Like many charities, Right to Play relies on financial support to help children rise and create long-lasting change. Right to Play is a charitable association of Oak Management AS Managing Director Joey Horn. Along with the charity’s ambassadors, donations help to unleash hope for vulnerable children.

As an advocate for women’s rights, Jazmin Sawyer is keen to lend her voice in raising awareness of vulnerable girls across the globe. She acknowledges the ‘huge impact’ that sport has had on her own life and feels passionately about its empowering abilities. Sawyer’s partnership with Right to Play should further showcase the positive effects of sport on social and economic development and on vital human rights issues.