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Since graduating from Williams College in 1987 with a degree in biology, Joey Horn has never forgotten her alma mater; she strives to support this fine academic institution in as many ways as she can. Over the years, Joey has given her time and financial resources to the school so that others may also benefit from Williams.

Williams College is a historic private American college established in 1793. Nestled in Williamstown, Massachusetts, the college is a liberal arts school with graduate programs in development economics and the history of art. You can learn basic facts about this fine academic institution via the attached infographic.

Joey Horn has been involved with Williams College on a number of levels. Here are a few:

Supporting the Stetson-Sawyer Project

The new Sawyer Library includes the Horn Family Videoconference Room, allowing students to communicate with others across the globe thanks to Joey and her husband Ragnar’s contribution. The Sawyer Library was completed in 2016. The financial contribution to the videoconference room is just one way the couple have given back to their alma mater.


Joey served as a trustee at Williams College for many years. Beginning in 2009 when she was elected to the position by the alumni body, Joey served until February 2017. As a trustee, Joey helped the college make important decisions, guide the school’s direction and support its mission.


Joey has also been very active in the school’s alumni association. She has served on several committees, including a position as the 25th Reunion Fund Co-Chair. In that role, Joey helped exceed a fundraising goal of $6 million.

Through her volunteer work, Joey has also contacted and encouraged prospective Williams College students. She’s able to do this in a unique way because of her global lifestyle that’s led her to live in Europe, Singapore and the USA.

Residence Hall

In another generous philanthropic gift, Joey and her husband supported the construction of a new residence hall at Williams College. The building opened for the 2016-2017 school year and hosts 60 students. The residence hall mainly consists of single rooms, but also has 10 doubles. The building also includes plenty of meeting space, lounge rooms and study areas for students to enjoy. This residence hall is the first one to be built at the college in 40 years. You can learn more about this new residence hall by watching the attached video.

As a result of all of these and other contributions, Joey was recognised for her commitment to the school with the Frederick C. Copeland award. This particular award is reserved for outstanding members of Williams College alumni who help seek out prospective students. It’s named after Frederick Copeland, who was first a student at Williams, graduating in 1935, and was then a professor and finally an influential dean who oversaw the school’s transition to co-education. Curious about the history of Williams College? Check out the attached PDF for more information.

Joey was honoured with the Frederick C. Copeland alumni award in 2012. In particular, Williams College appreciates her enthusiasm for the college and her commitment to helping attract a greater number of international students to the school. As a world traveller, Joey is the perfect ambassador for Williams College abroad. In addition to her many roles and involvements at the school, Joey also makes time to reach out to prospective students and create meaningful relationships with them.

As two of her children attend Williams College, Joey will continue to visit the campus and be involved as much as possible.