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The mothers2mothers charity operates in sub-Saharan Africa, working to eliminate paediatric AIDS. In the PDF attachment you will find an overview of the methods used and the programmes that are run by the charity to achieve this goal. Joey Horn is one of the supporters of mothers2mothers at board level, helping to reach over a million women across 10 countries in the region. Actress Samantha Bond has also recently joined mothers2mothers as patron – you can read all about that and other news here or on the m2m website.

Samantha Bond Becomes New mothers2mothers Patron

On the 16th of February, mothers2mothers (m2m) was able to announce its new patronage by actress Samantha Bond. Bond joins other celebrity patrons including Salma Hayek Pinault and Annie Lennox in support of the invaluable work of the charity. Bond was introduced to m2m in 2015, when she and co-stars of popular TV drama Downton Abbey attended a fundraising dinner for the charity. Since that dinner, Bond has spent time with some of the Mentor Mothers of m2m and has spoken at several events on behalf of the charity.

Partnership With USAID

USAID (The United States Agency for International Development) has partnered with m2m in a five-year programme called RISE II, aiming to use support and education to reduce infections. Funding of $44.5 million has been put in place to improve well-being and health across Eastern and Southern Africa, working towards the UNAID goal of eliminating the HIV and AIDS epidemic in the region by the year 2030. This builds on the original partnership programme, RISE I, which ran from 2012 until 2017. Through RISE I, m2m was able to deliver services that helped thousands of women living with HIV and AIDS in Swaziland, Lesotho and Kenya. In 2016, RISE I was able to virtually eliminate incidences of mother to child transmission of the virus in those areas among clients enrolled in the programme.

Malawi Early Childhood Development Programme

A new ECD (Early Childhood Development) programme began to be rolled out in Malawi in January 2018. The innovative new programme is made possible by a grant of $1.2 million over three years, in partnership with the Hilton Foundation. Through the programme, ECD intervention will take place across an eventual total of ten clinics, with four planned for the first year. The focus will be on providing parents and children with the required skills to create stimulating home environments and adopt positive practices of childcare. Quality childhood education is one of the six sustainable goals m2m has achieved.

Mozambique Launch

January 2018 saw the launch of m2m in Mozambique, an area with an adult HIV prevalence of 11.5%. The Mentor Mother Model is being rolled out in a two-year, $6 million programme funded by PEPFAR and administered by USAID and CDC. In the first year of the roll-out, m2m plans to open 24 health care facilities, each of which will be equipped to deal with high volumes of patients. Further expansion will then take place in the second year. The aim is for 296 Mentor Mothers to be taken on board in 2018, working to increase understanding of how the virus is transmitted and provide health care, education and support to mothers living with HIV and AIDS.

If you would like to help support the work of m2m to eliminate paediatric AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, you can make a personal contribution or raise funds from external sources.