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Make a Wish is a charitable organisation that makes dreams come true for children fighting critical illness. These life changing wishes can be anything from meeting a celebrity hero to walking with dinosaurs or starring in their very own film. It grants children their one true wish when their lives are about illness, diagnosis and hospitals rather than childhood wonder, hope and joy.

The daily struggles that come with critical illness can be temporarily forgotten with the happiness a wish can bring. Families can create incredible memories and children can build confidence and experience happiness at a very difficult time. It is important work that would not be possible without the generosity of volunteers and support from donations. Supporters include Joey Horn, Managing Director at investment company Oak Management AS.

The magical impact that Make a Wish can have on the lives of critically ill children is huge. Illness robs children of their health and fitness, so sporty children often have to give up their hobbies too. Make a Wish is committed to granting wishes for all children, including making sporty dreams come true.

Barcelona Wish 

Make a Wish helped Benji’s Barcelona dream come true. Football-mad Benji’s leg gave way during a football game and, after being rushed to hospital, received the life-changing diagnosis of a tumour above his right knee. Although the illness has robbed Benji of his ability to play football, the youngster desperately wanted to see a top team play in Barcelona. Make a Wish helped that to happen.

Tennis Fan 

Four-year-old Ashley has faced a battle with liver cancer at a tragically young age. Despite gruelling chemotherapy and an operation, Ashley has always been a huge tennis fan, enjoying court time with his dad. A trip to meet Andy Murray meant the world to Ashley as he battles an illness no child should have to endure.

VIP Treatment 

Teenager Luke was diagnosed with a form of cancer called myelodysplastic syndrome. He was immediately put on the waiting list for a bone marrow donor, but the cancer worsened before a suitable donor was found. This caused doctors to make the difficult decision to manage Luke’s condition with chemotherapy. Make a Wish made it possible for Luke to travel to Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix, where he enjoyed VIP treatment.

Make a Wish wants to keep granting more and more wishes for critically ill children. The organisation has made more than 13,000 wishes come true. With continued support from volunteers, Make a Wish hopes to reach even more sick children who are desperate for some happiness.