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As a platform that provides young Scandinavian artists with an opportunity to present their contemporary art to the Nordic public, MOMENTUM is the largest event of its kind and is one of two international contemporary arts festivals held in Norway. It was established in 1998 and is held biennially, with its artistic operations carried out within a Nordic context.

Since its inception, MOMENTUM has worked to be the event where compelling and outstanding works of art are showcased. The biennial event has become something of a must-attend for art enthusiasts and fans in the region. In 2019, the event will celebrate its tenth edition, with new and old works slated to be showcased. One of the central themes – and indeed an ongoing discussion among artists – is how to approach the concept of ‘Nordic’.

The 2019 edition of the event, dubbed ‘MOMENTUM10: The Emotional Exhibition,’ is one that organisers hope will raise emotions among participants and audiences. According to the team, it is through emotions that people embrace the complexity of various issues in the world. The event is aiming at getting people to re-encounter the emotions that have defined past and present exhibitions and accept them as part of humanity.

During the event, 29 international artists are expected to showcase their artistic works, with some of them returning from previous years. This is an intentional move by the organisers to get participants to revisit these collections from an emotional angle and think about MOMENTUM’s impact in the two decades it has existed. The ideas and concepts presented at The Emotional Exhibition will present an opportunity to deal with the many definitions, formats and identities, coupled with a call to formulate new ways of acting on and sharing within the complexity of emotions.

The event will also be an opportunity for collectors of contemporary art – such as Joey Horn, the Managing Director of Oak Management AS in Oslo, Norway, who is an avid collector of Norwegian contemporary art – to sample and experience what the arts community has to offer.

In addition to the various presentations, two publications will be released to the public: the Reader and the Viewer. The former will focus on the event’s history and will have thoughts from former curators, while the Viewer will highlight the artists presenting at the tenth edition and will be provided after the opening. At a global level, MOMENTUM has ambitions of becoming a key international event that will provide audiences with a view of Nordic contemporary art.