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Oslo International School is an international, independent day school for students ranging from pre-school age to 19. It was founded in Oslo in 1963 to serve the community of international business and diplomatic families who reside in Oslo and the surrounding areas on a temporary basis. The school admits students from any nationality and currently represents 46 countries. Joey Horn was treasurer of the PTA board for seven years from 2000 until 2007. Information about the Board of Trustees can be found in the accompanying infographic. The Oslo International School is located in a green suburban neighbourhood in an architecturally unique and contemporary building, with a nearby public transportation hub.

Admission to OIS

Admissions to OIS are open to those students who meet the criteria and who demonstrate the ability to benefit from an international curriculum that is challenging. Priority is given to those children of expats who work for an employer that has reserved places at the school, followed by children of expats who are in Norway on a short-term assignment of employment. There is no official entrance exam, but the school reserves the right to request an additional interview, administer a placement test or request additional information where necessary. For Years 7-10, there is an age-appropriate minimum English language proficiency requirement. For Upper Secondary, the proficiency requirement minimum is a strong B1, as qualified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. There is no minimum language requirement for students enrolling in the OIS primary school. The core learning and teaching objectives of OIS can be found in the PDF attachment.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Oslo International School offers students a full programme of extra-curricular, co-curricular and after school activities to complement their academic learning. The OIS Activity Programme has been designed to promote students’ personal development and growth, broadening their experience of the school’s values. You can find these values in the short video attachment. There is a wide range of after school activities for students to choose from, including sports, languages, performance arts, chess club and much more. The school also has links with the local community and students can join a variety of clubs and classes in their free time, including skiing, marching band, fencing, wind-surfing, athletics and horse-riding.

Academic Competitions

In support of the objective to challenge and inspire students, OIS offers the opportunity to take part in several academic competitions. Examples of this include the Maths Quest Competition for students aged 12 or under, where players compete in teams of four against as many as twenty schools. The competition is hosted at a different international school each year, with children staying with host families and exploring other cultures alongside competing in the maths challenge. Older students at OIS may have the opportunity to participate in Model United Nations events, which may be held in Norway or internationally. Here, participants simulate the real United Nations, learning about diplomacy, current affairs, international relations and more.

Student Council 

OIS fosters the sharing of ideas, concerns and interests between students and faculty through a student council. Members of the council are elected by other students and act as an intermediary between the student body and their teachers and principals. Student council members often engage in other activities such as assisting in the raising of funds for community projects, social events and helping those in need. The skills acquired and honed through sitting on the student council work as an extension of the formal, academic education students receive.