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Thoresen Thai Agencies is a SET 100 strategic investment holding company that has a business portfolio spanning the three industry sectors of transport, energy and infrastructure. From 2008 to 2011, Joey Horn was an Independent Director of Thoresen Thai Agencies. Mr Prasert Bunsumpun is the current Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee. You can read about the investor approach of TTA via the PDF attachment to this post.

TransportThe Transport Group of TTA includes businesses specialising in petroleum tankering, dry bulk shipping, and shipping services such as ship agency and brokerage. Petrolift Inc. is a leading petroleum tanker company in the Philippines, with 40% of shares held by TTA’s Transport Group. Petrolift was incorporated in 1992 and is an accredited contractor for tankering services for all the Philippines’ major oil companies. The fleet of Petrolift is currently comprised of nine petroleum barges / tankers, which it owns and operates, as well as one liquefied petroleum gas tanker. The total capacity of the Petrolift fleet is approximately 30 million litres.

TTA is also one of the largest owners in Thailand of both Supramax and Handymax dry bulk vessels, with Thoresen Shipping Services reaching all corners of the globe. The size range of Thoresen’s owned vessels is 39,000 to 57,000 deadweight tonnes, with cargoes carried including forest products, grain, coal, steel, iron ore, cement and fertilisers.

With Thoresen (Indochina) S.A. and the Gulf Agency Company (Thailand) Ltd., TTA provides comprehensive ship agency services which include cargo booking, port clearance, berthing and vessel repairs among other services.


The Energy Group of TTA provides a range of offshore services to the gas and oil industries, with particular focus on tender-assisted drilling and subsea engineering. These operations are conducted under Mermaid Maritime Public Company Limited, a majority-owned subsidiary of TTA. Mermaid Maritime is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, has its corporate headquarters in Thailand and operational bases in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia, as well as Thailand. Mermaid holds a diversified portfolio of subsea vessels, drilling and accommodation rigs, remotely operated vehicles and specialised diving equipment. Mermaid Maritime has been a major player in the offshore business for more than three decades, with more than 1,000 professionals on the team. These include drillers, divers, surveyors, technicians and management, as well as a full team of support staff. Full turnkey services are provided by Mermaid Maritime to major oil and gas companies operating offshore at five geographical regions.


The Infrastructure Group of TTA focuses mainly on the logistics sector, with major holdings in a number of key businesses. TTA has 100% ownership of PM Thoresen Asia (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. and Baconco Co. Ltd.; the former handles raw material procurement for the agrochemical industry, while the latter is an agrochemical business and factory leasing service in Vietnam.

TTA has a 90.1% ownership of UMS, which is publicly listed in Thailand and specialises in the management of the coal supply chain. UMS owns two port facilities, one in Ayudhaya and the other in Samut Sakorn, which can operate both warehouse storage and barges. UMS deals primarily with industrial clients operating small to medium-sized businesses.

CMSS is a subsidiary wholly-owned by TTA, providing logistics services and ship supplies in Thailand. These include transportation and stevedoring services as well as equipment supply, forklift rental services and the provision of warehouse storage.

TTA also owns a 67.4% share in PM Thoresen Asia Holdings Company Limited. [7]

By watching the short video attachment to this post you can find out more about the mission statement of TTA, while the embedded infographic details some of the prestigious awards the company has received over the years.