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The United Nations International School in Manhattan and Queens is a coeducational school running from pre-kindergarten through to 12th grade, focusing on preparation for college. It was established in 1947, when a group of parents within the United Nations wanted to set up a facility to preserve the diverse heritages of various cultures while providing children with an international education.

Former UNIS student Joey Horn attended the school between the years of 1982 and 1984. The work of UNIS is reinforced by the UNIS Fund, which helps to support all students at the school and maintain tuition fees that are on average 20% lower than those of other, comparable New York schools.

UNIS Fund Supporting the Manhattan Campus

The Manhattan campus of the United Nations International School offers a comprehensive education right through from pre-kindergarten to pre-college. The UNIS Fund helps to support unique educational opportunities and provide excellent facilities and equipment to enhance the learning environment for students. In recent years, the UNIS Fund has provided $700,000 to renovate the exercise and fitness room on campus, creating a better ventilated and more well-lit area with brand new equipment.

The Fund has also allocated money to financial aid students, facilitating access to a prestigious education that may otherwise be cost-prohibitive. In the academic year 2016 to 2017, the UNIS Fund recruited 11 students through the Financial Aid program at a total cost of $440,000, bringing in some of the most talented students from organisations such as the Harlem Academy and the Oliver’s Scholar Program. Pre-kindergarten students can benefit from a $130,000 purpose-built space welcoming them to the beginning of their educational journey, while math and science students now have access to a state-of-the-art 3D printer to help them understand how concepts apply to real-world experience.

Other recent investments include the purchasing of Chromebooks and interactive touch-screen panels for students, as well as two gender neutral bathrooms to promote inclusion. In the infographic attachment you can find out more about how the UNIS Fund has supported the Queen’s campus, which provides education from kindergarten through to the eighth grade.

Carnegie Hall Concert

Students of both UNIS campuses were given a unique opportunity in 2017 to perform in the world-renowned Carnegie Hall, raising money for the UNIS Fund. The student musicians were invited to perform a commissioned, original piece composed by former UNIS student Elliott Chang, who graduated in 2012. The concert, which took place on the 22nd of January 2017, supported the raising of funds for repairing the grand piano in the theatre and purchasing a brand new upright piano.

Making Donations

The UNIS Fund impacts all students across both campuses, bringing about positive change and providing facilities and equipment that enhance the educational experience of all children. All members of the UNIS community are therefore encouraged to donate to an amount and regularity which is sustainable. All donations are tax-deductible as UNIS is a non-profit organisation.

Participation in the Fund also demonstrates the support of parents for the school, enabling UNIS to approach other organisations such as foundations, corporations and governments to pursue further funding and grants. In the short video attachment you can find out a little more about what the funding is used for. UNIS accepts cheques and payments from most major credit or debit cards, as well as gifts of stock.