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The Asia Society is a non-profit, educational organisation working to improve knowledge about Asia throughout the rest of the world and in particular in the United States. The headquarters of the Asia Society is based in New York and the organisation has centres around the world. You can find out more about some of Asia Society’s main buildings via the PDF attachment to this post.  Joey Horn was an advisory member of the Contemporary Arts Council at the Asia Society in 2011, working with a team of experts and fellows to promote collaboration, generate ideas and provide insights towards the goal of a shared future. You can see who is currently on the advisory board by taking a look at the accompanying infographic.

Asia Society History

The history of the Asia Society begins in 1956, when J. D. Rockefeller the Third decided to establish a society in the United States that would promote a greater understanding of culture, business, policy, arts and education in Asia. Over the years, Asia Society has expanded both geographically and in terms of programming. As cultures and economies have become more connected, so too has the work of Asia Society grown to address current issues such as the effects of globalisation, urbanisation and environmental challenges. In 1967 Mr Rockefeller gave a speech in New York City, where he shared his aspiration for creating a more meaningful understanding between citizens of Asia and citizens of the United States. In 2016, as Asia Society celebrated its 60th birthday, a series of exhibitions and programmes were released looking back on the history of the organisation.

Asia Society Membership

Asia Society offers different levels of membership for individuals, students, families and corporations. Becoming a member offers a range of benefits for anyone who enjoys and appreciates Asian culture, including exclusive access to performers and speakers who don’t appear anywhere else. Members also receive special discounts, with free museum admission all year round included in their membership fees. All monetary gifts made to Asia Society are tax-deductible and help to shape the future by deepening understanding across cultures in our increasingly globalised world. Non-members are entitled to see many of the exhibitions and attend many of the programmes, but do not benefit from discounts or free admission and may miss out on certain exclusive events.

Non-Profit Organisation

As a non-profit organisation, the Asia Society is funded exclusively from memberships and donations from individuals, foundations and corporations. Asia Society is in no way affiliated with the United Nations, the US government or any other government, state or multilateral organisation.

Asia Society Museum

The Asia Society Museum exhibits contemporary and traditional art from Asia and Asian-America, both through permanent collections and through temporary exhibits. The main museum is situated in New York, but the Hong Kong and Houston centres also have galleries. A selection of objects is always on view from the permanent collection, including some from the Mr & Mrs J.D. Rockefeller 3rd collection. The New York museum is open for admissions from 11am until 6pm Tuesday to Sunday, with daily exhibition guided tours at 2pm each day. From September until June, it is also open with free admission from 6pm until 9pm on Friday evenings, with a guided tour at 6:30pm. Admission fees for over 16s are currently $7 for students, $10 for seniors and $12 regular admission – under 16s get free admission, as do members of Asia Society. Visitors to the building can access the Garden Court Café or AsiaStore without having to pay admission. Details of current exhibitions can be found on the Asia Society website in advance.