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The 2018 Winter Olympic Games were held in South Korea’s PyeongChang from the 9th of February through to the 25th of February. This Winter Games was the first to feature over 100 events, which were held across 15 sporting disciplines.

Williams College of Massachusetts was proud to boast seven former Eph Varsity athletes involved in the coverage of the Games by NBC Sports, despite not teaching TV journalism, TV production or journalism. Matt Casey reported on the Games from Connecticut, while six other athletes travelled to PyeongChang to provide televised coverage from the ground. Joey Horn was on the Board of Trustees of Williams College from 2009-2017. She has two children who currently attend Williams.

Sam Flood

Former Eph athlete Sam Flood is no stranger to the Olympics, with the 2018 Games being the 13th on which he has worked. The first Olympics Flood worked on was also held in South Korea, where he acted as researcher for the Seoul Summer Olympics in 1988. The PDF attachment explores some of the earliest Olympics held in ancient Greece. Flood is a former men’s captain for the Ephs ice hockey team. He has won 29 Emmy awards throughout his broadcasting career, producing various sporting coverage for events including Formula 1 racing, Thursday Night Football, the Tour de France, IndyCar, NBC NASCAR and horse racing.

Tim Layden

Tim Layden, who works as a features writer for Sports Illustrated, is a former Ephs basketballer. Layden provided Olympic coverage for both NBC and Sports Illustrated in the form of feature stories. One of Layden’s features was voted by Sports Illustrated as one of its top 60 stories in 60 years.

Rob Hyland

Rob Hyland played football for the Williams Ephs during his time at the College. Hyland currently produces Notre Dame football and the horse racing schedule for NBC in the United States. At the 2018 Winter Olympics, Hyland was responsible for the production of figure skating events.

Matt Marvin

Matt Marvin produced the Winter Olympics ice hockey events, including both medal games for the women and the men’s competition. During his time at Williams College, Marvin played baseball and football for the Ephs. His current role revolves around the National Hockey League and NASCAR.

Adam Datema

Adam Datema worked as a technician in PyeongChang, dealing with logistical and technical work. Datema formerly competed for the Ephs in both wrestling and football and is the most recent graduate of Williams College of the seven. He has worked with NBC on a variety of projects, with graphics being the most recent.

Jake Abrahams

Jake Abrahams, the second most recent graduate on the list, is a former Ephs golf captain who has just finished working on the most recent Super Bowl. Abrahams made a cameo appearance on the pre-game show for Super Bowl LII on NBC and worked as a writer and researcher. At the Olympics, Abrahams worked as a writer for the studio show NBCSN, with Carolyn Manno as host.

Matt Casey

The only one of the seven not to be in PyeongChang during coverage, Matt Casey produced the primetime US coverage of the Games for NBCSN. Casey worked with a team in the Connecticut home office, covering many different sports and events including curling, Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, figure skating and ice hockey. At Williams College, Casey participated in both baseball and football for the Ephs.