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The Women in Finance Summit was held in London in June 2019. It offered the opportunity for finance professionals to engage with their peers and consider best practices in their sector. The summit was held in conjunction with the Women in Finance Awards which honour growth and diversity in the finance industry. Women in Finance recognises role models for women, their advocates, and high-achieving women professionals in finance.

The Financial Service Industry is facing a steady increase in new market entrants, presenting a significant change in customer trends. Ever-present but constantly evolving regulatory overheads similarly represent the need to build innovation into the industry workforce. More than ever, flexibility and a broader range of skills are needed in finance.

Recognising the need for change, multiple major financial companies are now recruiting through different strategies and approaches. Many newly sought-after skills are those that women naturally possess, making diversity a commodity to be capitalised. As customer experience and engagement are increasingly prioritised, the skills that women can offer are coming to the forefront of the finance industry radar.

However, just 40% of businesses believe that diversity is important for business success, with only 14% consciously making changes to increase diversity in their senior teams. As emerging talent is recruited by fintech disruptors such as Google, Amazon or Facebook, the finance industry could be losing out. It must create more forward-thinking initiatives and develop an inclusion mindset if finance is to evolve.

The Women in Finance Summit is a one-day conference programme addressing the following points:

  • Using technology to progress the finance industry
  • Supporting responsible investments and managing relationships
  • Investing in professional development

Through insightful panel discussions and engaging presentations, the Summit tackles developments which affect women in the finance industry. It provides the opportunity for like-minded professionals to come together within an inclusive and diverse financial environment. Joey Horn, Managing Director at investment company Oak Management AS, actively promotes the important role that women play in the industry.

New market entrants mean that the finance industry must become more innovative. From start-up companies to an increase in banking products, interaction with finance customers has changed. The Women in Finance Summit addresses how women in the workforce can help tackle the emerging demands of the finance industry.