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The World Fellows Program at Yale University has entered its 16th year in 2018, having welcomed 309 practitioners in the middle of their careers so far. The program is an immersive, four-month journey and is connected to the Africa Initiative at Yale. To date, 20 countries in North and sub-Saharan Africa have been represented in the World Fellows Program, with a total of 58 members from the region.

Joey Horn attended The School of Management at Yale University between 1989 and 1991. The school was gifted $16 million in 2016 by The Starr Foundation; the program was re-named for Maurice R. Greenberg, chair of The Starr Foundation, following the generous gift. The World Fellows Program has been based in Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs since 2015 – you can find out more about the Jackson Institute in the PDF attachment to this post.

Mentors and Role Models

The World Fellows benefit many students on the Yale campus through acting as mentors and role models during their four-month stay. The Fellows take classes and give round-table talks to students, as well as providing one-to-one mentoring for those students who share their professional and educational interests. The relationships that Fellows develop with students and faculty members can last a lifetime, particularly with those graduate and undergraduate students who choose to be World Fellows liaisons.

Students who have previously acted as liaisons have stated that the program has served them in numerous ways, from helping to develop creative thinking and innovative problem-solving skills to inspiring career goals. Mentorship is a key component of the World Fellows experience, helping not only the students being mentored but also the Fellows themselves as they become more fully immersed in campus life. Fellows are further encouraged to volunteer with local community organisations in and around campus.

Flagship Program for Leadership Development

The World Fellows Program is the flagship program at Yale for leadership development, having been established in 2002. Each year, 16 talented, mid-career individuals from around the world are invited to spend four months at Yale, immersing themselves in college life and gaining exposure to new ways of thinking and doing. The Fellows selected come from highly diverse disciplines and backgrounds but share characteristics in common. These characteristics include a dynamic approach to problem-solving and a strong commitment to utilising their own unique talents to create a better world. World Fellows are above all leaders who are capable of making positive change. In the short video attachment you can find out more about the eligibility requirements for applications to the World Fellows Program at Yale.

The Program

The World Fellows Program is a fully immersive experience which takes in every aspect of college life. Every week, the program hosts distinguished guest speakers for formal discussions which touch on a vast array of global topics. Following these discussions, opportunities are provided for more informal conversations where Fellows are given the chance to ask questions and discover more personal information. A seminar is held each week on the subject of good society, with discussions ranging from leadership and systems of government to human nature, justice and equality issues.

Fellows also have myriad opportunities for personal development, from conducting research independently and working on projects alone or in collaboration with others, to auditing any Yale course with a choice of more than 2000. With assistance from experienced faculty, World Fellows are encouraged to create specific personal development plans to structure goals and objectives and how to achieve them. In the infographic attachment you can see the program goals.