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Yale School of Management (Yale SOM) is the graduate business school of Yale University. This Yale school is located on Whitney Avenue in New Haven, Connecticut, United States. The Yale SOM dean is Edward A. Snyder, and he has been leading the school since 2011.

The History

In 1971, the estate of Frederick W. Beinecke wanted Yale University to create a program in management. Two years later the School of Organization & Management was born and in the autumn of 1976, the first class arrived. A two-year program was then designed to train managers who could be successful in the business, government and non-profit sectors. The school name changed in 1994 to Yale School of Management, and it began offering a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 1999.

In 2012, Yale SOM introduced another program called the Master of Advanced Management. This program was a year-long course that taught students advanced leadership and management. The program is for students who have achieved or are working towards an MBA or an equivalent degree. The school moved to its new home, the Edward P. Evans Hall, in January 2014. The new campus has been designed to show the school’s strengths in its curriculum, the surrounding community, and its global engagement.

Past Yale SOM graduates include Indra Nooyi (chairman of PepsiCo.), Gail Harrity (Chief operating officer and president of the Philadelphia Museum of Art) and Joey Horn (Managing Director at Oak Management AS); see Joey Horn’s Google Plus page for more information about her.

Yale School of Management Curriculum

You can do the following programs if you choose to study at Yale SOM:

  • MBA – your skills in the competitive global markets can be developed while on this program. You can learn how markets work and how you can build a thriving company or organisation.
  • MBA for Executives – this program can improve your leadership abilities. This course combines the thoroughness of Yale’s integrated core curriculum and leadership program with advanced study in a chosen area.
  • Master of Advanced Management – this is a one year program for MBA graduates who want to become global leaders in business and society.
  • Master’s Degree in Systemic Risk – This is a year-long master’s degree for employees of major regulatory agencies and central banks with an official order to manage systemic risk.
  • Master’s Degree in Global Business and Society – You will be given the tools needed to thrive in global organisations and the broad perspective to know how best to use them.
  • Joint Degrees – This is a cross-Yale education. You can do an MBA in combination with a degree from one of the other Yale schools, such as Yale Law School.
  • Yale School of Management Campus

    The Yale SOM is based at Edward P. Evans Hall, which was opened in January 2014. Foster + Partners designed the 225,000 square feet building. It is situated at the northern end of the Yale University campus. It has a striking modern design, a glass front and a large courtyard where Yale SOM students can socialise or study.

    Edward P. Evans Hall has the following key features:

    • 350-seat Zhang Auditorium
    • Ross Library
    • Coffee shop and dining commons
    • 16 modern classrooms
    • Beinecke Terrace Room
    • Lecture hall (entertainment space).
    • It also has an outdoor terrace where you can view the landscaped gardens at the back of the campus.

    Watch the embedded video for more information about life at Yale.

    After nearly half a century, Yale SOM continues to offer its students the opportunity to become global leaders in business and society.